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We have been making biscuits for coffee shops, events, etc., and for our personal favourite - people.
We make: Chocolate vanilla and ginger biscuits, we also supply iced biscuits and decorated biscuits and a whole lot more.
Fill in your details on our contact page and you will soon be nibbling on beautiful biscuit. Our decorated biscuits are something to see, and even better to eat. If you can force yourself to eat such beautiful biscuits.
specialising in vanilla & ginger biscuits
Confectionery biscuits
Early biscuits were hard, dry, and unsweetened. They were most often cooked after bread, in a cooling bakers' oven; they were a cheap form of sustenance for the poor.
By the seventh century AD, cooks of the Persian empire had learnt from their forebears the secrets of lightening and enriching bread-based mixtures with eggs, butter, and cream, and sweetening them with fruit and honey.[7] One of the earliest spiced biscuits was gingerbread, in French pain d'épices, meaning "spice bread", brought to Europe in 992 by the Armenian monk Grégoire de Nicopolis.
This leads up to today.